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Friday, May 20, 2011

In the sun...

Happy Friday, what a fine and sunny day indeed!

We love duo She & Him and their albums are on high rotation in the shop. We hope you enjoy the film clip for In the Sun, with all of it's classroom choreographed dance move goodness - without the fluffy scrunchies and tall socks like Brittney! Zooey is way cuter!


  1. I love She & Him.. apparently Zooey has a new tv show too..

    P.s I stopped in at your store a few months ago as we were driving across Australia and I loved it.. Even my husband joked that "It's like they collected all of your favourite things and put them into one shop"

  2. More music tips please girls! Always looking for fresh tunes :)

  3. That is cute! Now I want long hair and a fat fringe...damn. Know any good songs where the singer has a bob?!?!
    Caz xo