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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Bottle

Drank enough water lately? As our husbands will attest, we could put many and varied ailments down to not drinking enough water! Headache?....not enough water. Lethargic?.....not enough water. Sore foot?.....not enough water!

We are super happy to be stocking One Bottle stainless steel drink bottles for you to fill with water and keep hydrated. They are available in two sizes, 500ml and 750ml and a range of colours with different designs, you can also get a sports top lid....you know, for ease of drinking.

With owning your own One Bottle, you can feel good knowing:
* You are cutting back on the waste and costs associated with buying bottles of water
* These stainless steel bottles are BPA free -  BPA has been linked to a number of health problems
* You will drink more water, you won't be able to keep your hands off these beauties!
* You may become more attractive to small dinosaurs

750ml bottles $24.95

500ml $19.95 also available in designs above

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