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Monday, November 7, 2011

To market to market

As promised here are the pic's from our trip to Adelaide, you may think from our photo's that we actually went to eat yummy food.....that is only partly true.
We made the trip to go to Bowerbird Bazaar, a design market that is held twice a year. They had a really good response for this market and the place was packed, hence the fact we don't have any photos of the lovely stall holders...oops.
We got to see some of our lovely stockists, Sunday Morning Designs, Delilah Devine, Paper Boat Press, Harvest Textiles, Ask Alice Stationary and Otto & Spike. We also spied a few newbies to us, which is very exciting. 

Welcome to the Riverland....drive through the giant tyre and ditch your fruit and veg please 

Meal 1 - The Good Life Pizza - Hutt St, beans and beetroot on a pizza - absolutely delish!

Meal 2 - Waffles with the hipsters at Queen St Cafe, Croydon - that is double cream people

Waiting in line to get into Bowerbird

Coolest bikes from Mrs Fairweathers Bicycle Emporium at BB

Meal 3 - Fetta & Corn fritter at BB.
Note, do not ask for the Chicken & Corn fritter at the vegetarian cafe 

Latte art at BB, aww a heart and an.....ear?

On the road back home
Finally, I am sure you have been waiting with baited breath.... your film clip that was meant for last Friday, we do like a song with a good bit of whistling.....

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  1. lol at the latte art i try and do that...and fail mostly!