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Monday, December 19, 2011

You & Me - The Xmas edition

Time for a Christmas quiz! A=Annie S=Shell

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?
A: Being with all our family in Cobar
S: Going home! Seeing family! Giving my niece my handmade kringle! Eating! Drinking!

This way to Cobar

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
A:It used to be getting a pine tree on our farm the week before Xmas, it fell over every year! Now it's plastic....a real nice plastic one!
S: A new one is watching Bridget Jones Diary after lunch on Christmas day, usually changed into pyjama pants by this time!

Glamour shot?!

Fave Christmas movie?
A: The Santa Clause movies and The Polar Express
S: This one is hard, new faves are The Family Stone, Love Actually and Elf but my all time fave is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, I have too many quotes from this movie - love it and all it's cringey moments!

What's for Christmas lunch?
A: Ham and sister Suze's secret glaze (OMG so good!), yummy salads and more ham!
S: Same as A! But with a side of rum balls!
All I want for Christmas is?
A: To eat, drink and relax and not worry about normal everyday stuff. A wardrobe full of new clothes would be good too!
S: To spend it with my family and have a few days off  - totes happening, but while we are talking wish lists this treadlie would be nice - see Jelly Bean Bike's to create your own dream bike

The Beautiful Girl

Favourite Christmas present from childhood?
A: Boe the labrador puppy
S: A shared Sega was pretty cool, Alex the Kid and Sonic the Hedgehog kept us pretty busy those school holidays!
6 sleeps to go - yeah!
Three things in your shopping trolley?
A: Condensed milk for rum balls, ginger beer and pineapple juice for punch
S: Jatz for dipping, cherries and Pimm's for this drink

Four words to describe your Christmas?
A: Full, funny, messy, great
S: Tipsy, happy, foody, snoozy

There you have it! Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments section....Hope you are having a great week leading up to Christmas.

Now for one of the best scenes from Elf!

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  1. Cool...both your Christmas days sound like fun...especially loving the rum balls and the Pimms :)