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Friday, April 15, 2011

We have got knits!

Isn't it funny how you have a really cold day in early autumn, you reach for a scarf and it all comes back to you how warm and cozy a scarf can make you feel.....

 We have just this week received shipment of our super cool knitwear from Otto & Spike - made in Melbourne. They have the nicest designs and use some crazy techniques to create the best looking scarves, gloves and beanies we have seen around!

Fingerless gloves...easier to do spirit fingers.....

Tube scarf

Lollypop scarf

Herring scarf

Nest scarf


  1. Aren't they Fabulous? Amazing! I love the red one.

  2. love scalves, my favourite accessorie!

  3. This post doesn't help my scarf addiction at all girls - I love the lollypop & nest scarves. I'm going to have to come for a visit :)